Best Wedding Officiant Lakeland

We are happy for you to reach this huge milestone in your life. Are you looking forward to planning on your special day let Richard Jewell be part of it? Richard Jewell has been creating unique and fantastic weddings, living all couples with smiles on their faces and unique memories for over five years. With a proper planning process, fun is guaranteed and convenient, honoring your ceremony and everyone in it.

Here are some marriage packages that we offer

Legal marriage package starting from as low as $150


  • 5- 7 minutes elopement ceremony or License signing

  • Limited to the wedding with under 15 guests

  • No ceremony customization

Classic ceremony package starting from as low as $250


  • 10-20 minutes standard ceremony script

  • Unlimited wedding guest

  • Basic ceremony customization

Custom ceremony package starting from as low as $450


  • 20-30 minutes fully customized ceremony script

  • Unlimited wedding guest

  • Total ceremony customization

Can you find the best wedding DJ services, Lakeland?

Do you want to party to the clouds, on your wedding day? Graingertainment we offer the best professional DJ services Lakeland we disc jock all types of music from old exciting music to date music to bring a great party vibe on your wedding day. This will make your wedding memorable, but we will make your wedding day the best party you have ever attended or hosted.