Do we offer Video projection, Lakeland?

We offer the best video projection and video screens, and we have gained a good reputation and experience for over eight years. We provide high resolutions with cutting edge video projectors and video screens that give high-quality resolution videos and images for showing for a large crowd.

We also offer our clients interactive social media with a live twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds to add more hype interaction and fun on your wedding day or event day.

Can you play your phone games on the big screen?

Yes, at Graingertainment video projection Lakeland we allow anyone with a smartphone to have fun playing games on the big screen. Are you a gamer and you are doing a wedding or hosting an event you can play games with your friends, shine to your lover, and make the day more fun for your friends and family? Do your kids have a smartphone too? Don't worry, they can also play and can also use their smartphone to play on the big screen.

Share more memories on our Photobooth

Are you looking for the best lake land photo booths? You can now freeze and hang out forever with your loved ones by capturing high-quality photos at Graingertainment photo booth. Enjoy more and capture as many memories as possible at our highly entertaining Photobooth and compliment your event. You will have unlimited fun with guests of all ages at the Graingerentertainment photo booth. You will also have something substantial to treasure with those who attended your event.

What do we have other types of Photobooth you choose from?

Choose from different types of photo booths, and now we have an inflatable elegant looking photo booth with unique personalized lighting for you to choose from.

What makes our Photobooth unique from others?

We use


  • Canon Rebel t3i (For superb 18MB photos, instead of a webcam),

  • DSLRBooth Software b for custom photo strips

  • QR Code, Social Media uploads and much more

  • The open backdrop allows more than two people to be in the picture and green screen backdrops.

  • We also offer digital copies, and social media integration for you to have something to share with your friends and family.

We also offer in our Photobooth


  • Three-hour unlimited photo

  • A custom border around the photos

  • Sensational props

  • Optional photo guest book

  • Additional hours for video recording of your guest green screen capable

  • Gif and social media share.

Most people hire wedding photographers to take photos, but their biggest complaint is that photographers have never taken the candid photos they want. With the photo rack rental, you can get all the images of the beautiful moments immediately. You can have all the traditional formal photos, but with a photo stand, everyone can take their photos, not just the wedding.