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Easing the Prom Planning Process

Easing the Prom Planning Process

Spring is here and with it comes prom season. You can practically feel the gossipy anticipation from high schoolers across the country as they start prepping for this annual right of passage. Looking back, it seems like nothing but fun. But for teens who are currently going through the planning process, the stress is real.

Trends are always evolving, and the pressure to keep up is huge for any and all prom-going teens. Fashion, music, popular dances; these things can be wildly different from year to year. In case you’re feeling like you’re a little out of the loop, here’s a quick refresher on what’s trending for prom 2018.

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep up with in addition to the actual planning process. So although we can’t get you a date, or teach you how to Hit The Quan, we can suggest some tips on how to take some stress out of your prom planning.

Someone Else Behind The Wheel

Renting a limo can sometimes be seen as a cliché, but honestly there’s no better way to get to prom. Driving yourself means having to worry about timing, directions, rules of the road, all while trying to be cool in front of your date. Finding yourself a dedicated chauffeur is the best and safest way to get everywhere you’re going stress free.

Keep Those Records Playing

If you’ve ever been part of a prom planning committee, then you know your stress doesn’t end when the event starts. You want everything to run smoothly and perfectly. Live bands are fun, but people want to hear the versions of songs they know - not someone else’s interpretation. Plus, with a band, you’re more or less bound by their repertoire, which means not hearing a lot of your favorite new jams.

We’ll admit to a certain bias here, but what you need is an experienced DJ you can trust to play everything the people want to hear. Grainertainment will get your party started, and keep it going all night! If you’re outside of the Tampa/Lakeland area, make sure the DJ you’re considering has extensive references, and can give you a list of their past clients. You want to get someone who will be the best fit for your prom and its theme.

Have Your Dress Come To You

Finding the right outfit is probably the most stressful part of prom planning. Going to stores, deciding on a color, finding a flattering style, one that isn’t too similar to what your friends are wearing; these things all take time! Why not do yourself a favor and rent online! Sites like JJ’s House have hundreds of beautiful and unique dresses for rent that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Guys can also take advantage of online prom suit and tux rentals from outlets like The Black Tux! Having your outfit sent directly to you eliminates multiple fittings, time consuming alterations, and just simplifies the entire process.

Leave Time For Smelling The Roses

Getting your date the perfect corsage or boutonniere is a pretty important aspect of prom. But unless you’re a professional florist, you probably don’t know that much about flowers. You can find a local flower shop and walk into a sea of overwhelming options, or you can leave it up to the true professionals. has a gorgeous selection of hand made arrangements, perfect to match any style.

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