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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ


This may seem obvious but it’s extremely important. A professional DJ keeps a large library of music for a variety of different playlists. While the Internet may be great for listening at work, you want to make sure you’re getting full-quality music for your special event, which a professional already has on hand. In addition, an experienced DJ can read the crowd and adjust music according to your tastes so that everyone is enjoying themselves.


With a professional DJ comes professional equipment. Speakers capable to producing clear sound without distortion, soundboards, microphones, lighting, and many other high-end important tools. What’s more important is they know how to work this equipment and if some issue does arise, they are well equipped to quickly fix the problem.

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A professional DJ plans ahead for your event. They show up dressed appropriately for the occasion and knows how to work with the other vendors to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible.


When you hire a professional DJ they actually show up on the day of your event. There are too many instances where someone hired someone who was cheap and six months later, they are no longer in business or not interested in doing your event. You can rest easy knowing that when your important day comes around, you can rely on your DJ showing up on time when you hire a professional.

Handling the Crowd.

A professional DJ knows what to do if they get a ridiculous request from someone attending your event. They know what requests are worth playing and what requests are better left unheard. They know how to respond to those requests in a way that everyone stays happy as well. If your event starts hitting a lull, they know how to quickly bump up the energy and get people moving.


DJ equipment is expensive and if something happens to equipment, you don’t want to be responsible for it. If you rent equipment and have someone run it, you could be putting yourself at a financial disadvantage. When you hire a professional, they are responsible for their own equipment, so you don’t have to stress a big bill in the mail.


Your event is an investment of your time and the time of your guests. You want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. Everyone has different tastes and a professional DJ knows how to make each event unique. A professional knows how to take an event from boring to legendary and can provide you guidance on how to make that happen with your own tastes. A professional can also provide you with a variety of ideas to make your event even better than you could have imagined.

Peace of Mind.

Hiring a professional DJ allows you to actually relax, sit back, and enjoy the day you have planned so long for. Events are usually packed with all kinds of special things and you can count on your DJ to make sure it flows on schedule. They are in control of the microphone, so they know when to get things moving and when to slow things down.


Sometimes people think of experience as overrated but in this situation, it’s definitely important. You don’t want the enthusiasm of your crowd dictated by someone who’s inexperienced. You want to trust that your DJ is going to set the mood in the right way and if something goes wrong (heaven forbid) that you have someone in your corner with enough experience in how to fix it.


It’s safe to say that bottom line, you want to have fun at your event. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and you want people to remember how great of a party it was. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday, etc., you want to have only good memories that last a lifetime. A professional DJ takes pride in their work and prides themselves on referrals from clients. They want your day to be just as fun and amazing as you do.

We hope that you let a professional at Graingertainment help make your day perfect!

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