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How to Avoid the Boring Corporate Event

With the holidays on the horizon, we wanted to provide some easy ways to keep your corporate event from becoming that dreaded boring event. We have all at one time or another had to attend one of those events when your only hope is that you’ll win a raffle award. Why can’t that corporate event be fun? They definitely can!

DJ Graingertainment

Quality Entertainment

This may seem obvious but how many times have we rolled our eyes at the portable stereo in the corner being operated by one of your co-workers?

  • Hire a professional! The right DJ can completely change the mood. They can start the party, set the mood, and keep it going.

  • Consider a special guest or a surprise performance. Some ideas to consider are aerialists, a comedian, local artists, and a local non-profit rescue fundraiser (who doesn’t love puppies?).

Create Interactions

There’s a time when we’ve been at one of these functions and run out of niceties to say. When we’re just standing around mingling, it can get boring.

It's Not a Booth Photo Booth

  • Photo booth! This provides guests with a chance to have fun and take it with them. Who doesn’t love funny props and goofing off?

  • Do a contest or trivia by table or groups. This gets your guests working together and having fun. Try doing at least two rounds and changing up the teams so people get to know even more people.

  • Use social media to your advantage. Create a snapchat filter for your company or a fun hashtag. This will get your guests taking photos and is another way to market your company too.

The Grub

I promise you that no one likes bad food. No one.

  • Create a theme and stick to it with your food. If you’re having a corporate luau, make sure your food matches.

  • DIY food and drink bars are fun, and people can customize it to their likes/dislikes. There’s a wide range of ideas like tacos, potato bar, s’mores, create your own trail mix, sangria bar, and noodle bowls.

  • Consider a food truck. Many food trucks will create a special corporate menu for you so that you can still pay per person but have several options. There are so many food truck options now it’s easy to stick to a theme as well.

No matter the amount of people at your next corporate event, these are ideas to make it something people talk about for all the right reasons. Remember Graingertainment DJ Services for all your future entertainment


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