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Allysa and Dusten at the Magnolia Building in Lakeland, FL

If you're planning a wedding in the Summer, in Central Florida, we want to let you know ... it's hot. Not just hot, but possibly a taste of infierno.

We think getting married outdoors is a wonderful thing, but we warn you now. Summer in Florida, It's brutal, It's torture, it's humid, it's sticky, and you'll try to rush through your wedding as fast as you can, so you can get inside , before you experience heat stroke.

The good thing is, Summer weddings offer a lot of discounts with wedding vendors, so you usually get the best deals during the Summer. Also, if you are wanting to get married indoors, then you're totally not going to sweat and vanish.

Allysa and Dusten had their wedding in July, with ceremony and reception in the Magnolia building in Lakeland, Florida.

The ceremony took place with the cocktail hour to follow. With a strategy in place, during cocktail hour, a team was able to move all the chairs and place tables strategically around the room.

With enough people helping and while your guests are in line waiting for horderves, your room is ready and the guests can sit, with plenty of time before the reception begins. Perfect option for the Magnolia Building and in the middle of the Summer.

Here are some pictures provide by Jason Angelini Photography

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