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Thank God

Besides working hundreds of events and working to make sure you have the best event ever. We try to pray for all our brides, grooms, families, parents... well pretty much everyone. We want to be a ministry to our community and we give God all the glory for what we can do. 


We don't want to bore you, but we do love our clients and people. We're not perfect (none of us Djs are), and we know we never will be. Though we do trust in Jesus Christ as our saviour and we know he has forgiven us for our sins. Without God, we are nothing. Since God has forgiven us and gave us a new life, we like to let everyone know they can have this awesome life too!


I don't want to just keep rambling, so if you are somewhat curious of what this ramble is email us at


Our purpose on earth is to please Him, and we believe making people happy in the entertainment industry is one of our many purposes here! 




If you have any questions about your faith, religion, or just need prayer, we would love to talk to you. You can email us at 

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